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We are a worldwide leader in the online lead generation industry, specializing in the home based business sector. Through our network of online media publishers and call centers, we introduce thousands of individuals each day to a new variety of proven business.
Our staff consists of marketing professionals from a variety of backgrounds which helps us see opportunities from different perspectives. Considering the market is rapidly advancing and changes occur daily, we employ dedicated IT professionals that help us overcome these challenges.
We are able to offer our clients a variety of services including market research, media buying, customer acquisition, and e-marketing. We value all of our clients and prospective clients. Having a strong guideline of core values and a strong mission statement, we only have plans for growth for the future.
Our plan for success is executed by capturing long term customers worldwide by going beyond expectations to deliver quality results by engaging customers and creating relationships through innovative methods to create a high return on investment for our clients.
Lead generation is our primary focus to achieve the results you are looking for. We stand out from the rest by having superior partnerships with our affiliates and in-house traffic sources. From our Incentive Rabbit brand to our LeadMonetize solutions, we have various ways to feed you quality traffic. Convenience is another one of our recipes for success, as providing you real-time tracking gives us the consumers choice.
Our tasks form this office pertain to networking, speaking the word of our business, acquiring new customers, and managing accounts. Other operations consist of IT; managing our data and keeping it secure, providing our clients and consumers with piece of mind. We work with our partner company to manage our websites and keep them up to date with the latest technology.
A&A Marketing was established in 2004 and has been growing in the marketing marketplace by creating innovative uses of technology.
We provide customer interaction solutions for the entire
customer lifecycle, including customer acquisition,
sales, customer care, and technical support.

To stay competitive and grow their business, technology companies are under pressure to rollout new and better products on an extremely aggressive timeline, while dealing with cost concerns brought on by increased competition at local and global levels, lowered margins, and increasingly high user expectations for service and support.

The key to staying competitive in this constantly changing environment is effective management of customer relationships, identifying your most valuable prospects and customers, converting this knowledge into improved marketing and sales performance, and providing high quality care that increases brand loyalty.

Increased revenue, reduce cost integrated, and
outsourced customer interaction solutions from A&A
Marketing help technology companies succeed.
Increase Revenue
Increase revenues by consolidating marketing and sales efforts in the contact center and driving up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.
Customer Loyalty
Improve customer loyalty and their demand by providing a consistent high level of service and productivity.
Cost Reduction
Reduce costs and increase efficiency through implementation of best in class processes and development of call and web self-service strategies.
Expand your business and obtain new customers with
our brands: Incentive Rabbit and Lead Monetize

Incentive Rabbit is the core of our market research strategies. We have successfully developed a multitude of websites that appeal to a wide range of users. Our members value our incentive sites because we have top quality offers that are posted and maintained on a daily basis. The members retain interest in our websites because we are able to provide a variety of incentive levels as well as high quality customer service.

We are open and honest with all our members, giving them any and all information up front with each survey. Each survey begins with an instruction page, letting the members know how much they will receive, what is needed of them and also step by step instructions guiding them to what is required to obtain credit. Survey credits approvals due vary in time as some surveys require less from the member than others. All surveys are approved from advertisers either instantly or within 5 business days. All payments to members are strictly through US verified PayPal accounts. All of our members are double opt in as well as phone verified to keep fraud activity in check.

The First and Only Exchange Online for Inbox + Web Media

Lead Monetize has integrated the power of targeted inbox marketing with the intelligence of state-of-the-art ad serving to create Exchange Online, the first real-time market exchange for inbox + web media. EO allows publishers to secure revenue from valuable media inventory while helping advertisers reach a precise audience through multiple media channels.

Get Unparalleled Reach

  • Exchange Online offers advertisers access to the highest quality media inventory
  • Advertisers can manage their campaigns
  • Performance-based media ensures maximum return on investment
  • Integrates with other Advanced Program Interfaces

Monetize Inventory at the Click of a Button

  • Publishers can monetize up to 100% of their inbox and web inventory
  • Fully customizable rule set
  • Easily release inventory through any one of Lead Monetize's proprietary solutions to maximize revenue
  • Integrate with other Advanced Program Interfaces
Capture new customers by making them more aware
of your business. We can provide media buying
services for you on multiple levels.

Market Research

There are various methods to begin uncovering this information from focus groups to customer counting. Failure to properly research the market when planning for your business can be detrimental to your startup business. Allow A&A Marketing to measure your customer experience.

Knowing your customer demographic is essential to success. Statistics have proven that a bad customer experience will be passed on ten times or more, while a good experience fails to reach less than half of that. We will be able to pin point the negative aspect of your business and turn them into positive aspects. You will be able to see how your brand stands up to the competition, and identify your strengths and weaknesses.

We also specialize in opinion capturing. We can have real customers buy and test your products and services, then complete a brief questionnaire about their experience. This enables us to have insight from the most valuable stakeholder, your customer. This along will give you a leg up on the competition.

Media Buying

Get the word out about your business with online media buying. It is the most effective way to ensure your message reaches your target audience.

We are able to monitor industry trends and take note of consumer behavior. Let us handle your advertising needs and not only will we be able to catch the eyes of potential customers, we will also be able to engage them to result in a return on investment for your business.

We can save you time and money, as well as add the professional touch to your advertisements. We have partnerships with leading search engines, which enables us to keep costs to a minimum. We are working alongside you as a team to help drive your sales and grow your business.

Customer Acquisition

Customer acquisition management is a way to use marketing techniques to gain an effective relationship with your customers. It could take a variety of methods to make a single customer feel secure with your business, or sometimes you have to go the extra mile to have a repeat buyer. In such cases, you may need to send a special customer appreciation email, a physical brochure, or even sometimes a phone call.

A&A Marketing is able to identify and attract previous and potential consumers to do business with you. Put the power of professionalism to work for you, and make your customers feel welcome and secure.

Email Marketing

In today's world, email is the most popular method of long distance communication. Take advantage of this to expand your business and obtain new customers.

What good is sending out emails if the user is not receiving them? Spam filters are constantly becoming more and more sophisticated, which can easily weed out unrecognized email addresses and immediately throw them into the spam or junk folder of an inbox.

Do you know how unpleasant it can be to a customer to place an order with a company, not receive a confirmation until you have to contact customer service, only to learn that you have to white list the company?s email address? At A&A Marketing we pride ourselves on our inbox delivery statistics. We can succeed where others fall, and prove a return on investment.

"Success is the good fortune that comes from aspiration,
desperation, perspiration, and inspiration."


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